How to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date If You Postponed Due to COVID19

You spend months, sometimes years planning and saving for your wedding day, and then something unexpected happens – a world pandemic. I’m pretty sure NO ONE predicted something like this... it’s 2020! Isn’t this something we only see in movies?
For those whose wedding has been affected, we know it’s HARD. It’s NORMAL to feel frustrated, sad or even angry. But don’t let this take away YOUR day; continue to honor, love and celebrate each other - there is a silver lining - you now get two days to celebrate, two anniversaries and an unforgettable story for your future kids!
So how do you make your original wedding date special? We’ve rounded up a handful of ways to make your original date feel special. 

Just you Two: Make the wedding date, a date
Your wedding day is about the two of you so celebrate 2020 day by doing just that – with one another – and make a date out of it! Consider driving by, visiting your wedding venue or spending time in the town you’re tying the knot. You can even make reservations at a nearby restaurant or at the spot your hosting your dinner rehearsal for all the ~feels~.

With a Group: Celebrate your love with the ones you love
Just because you’re not saying “I do” this year doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! Bring a small group together (maybe your wedding party and immediate family) to have a social distancing party. Wear a white dress, get glam and toast to next year’s ceremony. You can have a gathering at your home and support your local businesses by having the small event catered!
Show Commitment
If you’re postponing your wedding, you can still honor your partnership by hosting a commitment ceremony. You and your significant other can recite vows and have a first dance in the comfort of your home. You can even consider exchanging jewelry to show your lifetime of commitment to one another – jewelry can be anything you want such as a ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet – the options are endless!
Show it off: Capture the love
Regardless of how you celebrate, make it a day to remember. Work with your photographer (or a friend who knows how to work a camera or iPhone!) to schedule a shoot to capture moments on what would have been your special day. You can use these photos for your change the date or upload them to your wedding website – you can never have too many photos on there!

Order a wedding cake (or whatever dessert you chose for your wedding!)
You can still have your cake and eat it too! Order a small cake from your local bakery (bonus if it’s the same vendor for your wedding!) and have a slice on what would have been your wedding day. You can even freeze the dessert and save it to have on the day of your new date. And the party for two doesn’t have to stop there – buy champagne (splurge on the good stuff!) and pop the bubbly on your original date and save the second bottle for your wedding night.  
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